Worship recording from Symposium in Grand Rapids

I’m working at the Worship Symposium of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.  This morning I assisted in worship leading with a group of international colleagues.  We are here working on worship preparation for the WCRC General Council in Leipzig, but part of the deal is that we do some seminars, presentations and worship leading at the Symposium.  This is a privilege a rich opportunity for sharing and learning with folk from all over the world.  Lunch yesterday was with 2 folk from China, 1 from Colombia, 1 from Venezuela, 1 from Mexico, I from Argentina and 1 from Kenya!

Here’s a link to morning worship in the College Chapel.  You can see me teaching the Iona song, Take O Take me as I am, with movements for the whole congregation, round about 23 minutes in.  The sermon by Luke Powery is not to be missed. Recording of morning worship 26/1/17

The song, Take O take me as I am in in this songbook by John L. Bell Come all you people songbook

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