Remembering Mairi Munro

Mairi Munrio died this week after four years of living with an aggressive brain tumour. It is with deep sadness that I reflect here on our times together in Wild Goose. We worked together as volunteers in the Wild Goose Worship Group from its first days – when she was 17 and I was 23.  Then later, as colleagues in the Wild Goose Resource Group.  All for a total of 16 years. Neither of us were trained in anything to do with worship and song but in that enabling environment of the Iona Community and with the encouragement, support and edgy creativity of John Bell & Graham Maule, we pioneered new things together. We challenged and stretched each other and she always pushed us to strive for the absolute best. Man, that could drive you daft! But she also drove us to great work. The humour and the ability to be our daft, honest selves as we worked with others all over the country and beyond, brought out the best in our team and in those we shared songs, ideas and worship with. We sang passionately and wrought strong prayers together. Deep gratitude Mairi.

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