Past events


I am deeply grateful to Rev Mike Peatman for bringing together such a diverse gathering for our Big Sing on 17 May.  Many denominations were represented and the singing was excellent.  Only 1 child, which was disappointing, but she certainly enjoyed herself.  The power of Fischy Music’s new psalms arrangements are appreciated by all ages. Listen here:  Bring it all to me

Also got invited back to lead singing at the Primary school connected to Holy Trinity Poulton le Sands, so looking forward to being with them on the last day of term.


The Methodist Deacons had their gathering in May at Swanwick Conference Centre. I worked with an enthusiastic group on making music with limited resources. Many were on my wavelength when I included songs without bar chords!  Our Big Sing was an absolute joy including the great musicians in the band who were led by Joy.  Fantastic passion from a committed group of folk, often working at the margins and on the edges of things.

30th April 2015  

A superb evening of singing with 30 folk at All Hallows by the Tower, London.  We sang songs from near and far which allowed us to focus on what matters as we consider the voting choice we have to make this week.


29th March 2015.

We shared a powerful Big Sing for Palm Sunday at St Bridget’s Anglican Church in West Kirby.

We journeyed from the Palm branch waving crowds, through the highs and lows of Holy Week encounters to the darkness of Friday.  It was song-learning and the power of the songs made it prayer too.

I will now be returning on October 4th to St Bridget’s for another event.  Thank you St Bridget’s.