Organise an event

A look at Overview and List of Events will give you an idea of the type of things I do.
However, I always tailor things to the group/organisation/church in question and so a conversation is vital to shaping up what might happen.
We can discuss you specific needs for an event and come up with the right thing for you.

Sunday afternoons and evenings seem to work well for churches these days.
I can do single workshops, half days, whole days, weekends.

We can look at tying in my visit to a church with some time spent in your local primary school.
A church event might include something for choirs, something for children and then a general Big Sing for all-comers or evening worship.
It’s worth thinking about working with the other churches in your area and making the event ecumenical.

I have a fee structure and ask for travel expenses on top of that. I seek to travel as economically as possible.
When dates have been offered, and agreed, I ask for a £50 as a deposit to secure a booking.
More details are available directly from me – please use the contacts page to drop me an email.

Thanks for getting this far! I hope to hear from you.