New Iona Abbey Worship Book now available

The Iona Community has a new book of services for use in the Abbey on Iona.  Published this month by Wild Goose Publications, it contains 2 versions of all the main services used in the Abbey, plus some new additions such as the All-age version of the daily morning service and a ‘Ceilidh Service’ and ‘Ceilidh Communion Service’.  These last two taking inspiration from the Gaelic tradition of gatherings focused around song and story telling.  Both of these can be seen on the website Wild Goose Publications.  The material is mostly newly written, there are really useful appendices for each service and a cycle of new paraphrases of 36 of the Psalms for congregational, antiphonal reading. Its available now in book and download form.

The cover is a beautiful sunrise last October, viewed from the windows of the South Aisle Chapel in Iona Abbey, the place where people leave names of people and situations which are then prayed for in the service of prayers for healing and the laying on of hands, held every Tuesday.

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