Alison leading a Big SingWhat can I offer your church or organisation?

I have led workshops, workshops and Big Sings in churches, schools, at conferences, open-air festivals and all around the world! My main skill is in enabling congregational song, which I love with a passion, but I am also deeply committed to worship that is relevant, participative and real for people.

Singing and Songs

I can come and lead workshops on song repertoire for churches on themes such as:

  • psalms
  • singing our prayers
  • songs for all ages worshipping together
  • justice
  • liturgical seasons (Advent, Christmas etc)Alison leads singing during a prayer
  • world church songs
  • singing with limited resources
  • teaching & leading new songs
  • singing the Gospels
  • healing & wholeness

this list is as short as our imagination!

Big Sings are focused towards everyone coming and enjoying a brilliant time singing lots of excellent songs. There’s no assumption of folk being able to read music and we’ll do some fun and easy part singing, mostly without using music. We sometimes use percussion and some simple signing.
Usually there is a theme and as we sing, I draw out reflections on the texts we’re using, creating moments for prayer and worship.  Big Sings can be for all ages and can be very, very big or not all that big really!!

The workshops are more about learning the songs and reflecting on using them, though the focus is up to you in a sense – what do you need?

Resourcing and leading worship

I also lead workshops on worship, perhaps to resource worship leaders with new ideas for their own preparing and leading of worship or perhaps for church members to reflect on what we are doing when we are in worship. Subjects such as participation in worship, praying with songs and symbols, using the bible creatively.

I also lead worship for churches, gatherings & conferences and have been on worship teams for international church gatherings.

I lead singing in schools and do teacher insets on singing and worship in schools.

Candles lit in prayers for the world
Candles lit in prayers for the world

Recent bookings 

For a look at some of the events I have led go to the Blog on this site.

To Organise an Event

I always tailor things to the group/organisation/church in question and so a conversation is vital to shaping up what might happen. We can discuss you specific needs for an event and come up with the right thing for you.

Sunday afternoons and evenings seem to work well for churches these days.
I can do single workshops, half days, whole days, weekends.

We can look at tying in my visit to a church with some time spent in your local primary school.
A church event might include something for choirs, something for children and then a general Big Sing for all-comers or evening worship.
It’s worth thinking about working with the other churches in your area and making the event ecumenical.

I have a fee structure and ask for travel expenses on top of that. I seek to travel as economically as possible.
When dates have been offered, and agreed, I ask for a £50 as a deposit to secure a booking.
More details are available directly from me – please use the contacts page to drop me an email.

Thanks for getting this far! I hope to hear from you.