Alison is a passionate advocate of congregational singing.


I work with groups of all ages, encouraging folk to sing, teaching new songs and enabling others to develop their own song leading skills.  I also facilitate workshops on planning worship and lead worship.  I am not formally trained but have decades of experience in teaching, youth work and resourcing in liturgy and song.  My work is rooted in the assertions that we should all be encouraged to believe in the voice God gave us and that the congregation is the principal choir!  All should be able to participate.

I have worked all over the UK and beyond

  • facilitating workshops on song and worship
  • leading Big Sings
  • presenting training events for clergy, lay leaders, church musicians and school teachers
  • presenting at conferences, festivals and professional gatherings
  • leading worship in settings from primary school assemblies to international church gatherings

I’ve presented in  USA, Canada, South Africa, Philippines, China, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Alison teaches Come all you people in a Beijing Church
Alison teaching Come all you people in Haidian Church, Beijing.

My background is in primary teaching and youth work. Encounter with the Iona Community gave me a yearning for worship which is relevant and real and this led to working with Dr. John Bell and the Wild Goose Resource Group – developing workshops, crafting songs and liturgical resources. Their work, under the aegis of the Iona Community, is widely published and has received international recognition.  

I am a member of the Iona Community and live in the north of England, in Cumbria. 

” Your warmth, energy and passion did so much

to encourage and inspire so many”

Vicar, Portishead, England

Wee Sing London Apr 2015