A song for 20th January 2017

On the day of the inauguration of President Trump, this song by John L. Bell seems like a powerful word for our times.

You can hear it here Adam Kukuk singing The Truth that sets us free Adam is an American friend who posted this on Facebook today.

When the wheel of fate is turning
and the mills of God grind slow;
when the past seems more attractive
than the future we don’t know;
when our confidence is waning
and we lack security,
comes the timeless word of Jesus
that the truth will set us free.

Is it war or economics,
is it danger or deceit,
is it unforeseen depression,
fear of failure to compete?
Have the times which once were changing
led where no one wants to be?
Shall we live by lies on offer
or the truth that sets us free?

With real faith there will be doubting,
and with loss there will be grief.
No one knows the contradictions
which will exercise belief.
Against conflicts life might bring us
God provides no guarantee,
just this word of hope and healing:
know that truth will set you free.

So, dear Jesus, make us willing
to unmask convenient lies
to protest wherever power
closes conscience, ears and eyes;
And release our expectations
of your kingdom, yet to be,
born in courage, joy and justice
and the truth that sets us free

Words by John L. Bell, copyright 2014, WGRG, Iona Community, Scotland.

To buy CD recording by the Wild Goose Collective, which I’m singing on, or the songbook, you’ll get them on the Wild Goose Resource Group’s website.   The truth shall set us free  and for the book: The shall set us free – book


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